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Small Reserve Release 06 - Port Cask


Small Reserve Release 06

700ml – ABV 45.3% - Only 46 bottles available

Cask Type: Port

Cask Number: 013 + 014

Spirit: McLaren Vale Distillery

Tasting Notes:

A sublime taste of SA! This whisky started as a South Australian spirit residing in a remarkably coopered barrel for under 3 years, made by JP Cooper in the Adelaide hills. With mouth-watering tasting notes reminiscent of Fruchoc's (a childhood favourite), a medley of rich Barossa Valley dried fruits, McLaren Vale cabernet grapes, and freshly baked warm chocolate brownie…this proudly 100% South Australian release is not to be missed!

Colour – Burt Umber

Nose – Slightly burnt custard, toasted croissants, hazelnuts, dark toasted caramel, leather, toffee banana

Palate – Thinned cream, Red Ripper lollies, medley of dried fruit, big and fudgy, cabernet sitting

Finish – Medium to long, strawberry jam, browned butter, gentle oak to finish

Pairing Suggestion – Smoked BBQ food, chocolate brownie fresh out of the oven! roasted almonds, blue cheese and quince paste, vanilla ice cream drizzled with PX sherry

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IUCN Red List Classification – Vulnerable (decreasing)