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Small Reserve Release 04 - Port Cask


700ml – ABV 43.8% - Only 24 bottles 

Cask Type: Port

Cask Number: 003

Spirit: Old Kempton

Tasting Notes:

A lolly bonanza! This jam-packed whisky bursting with notes from a freshly opened Allen’s Party Mix bag, whilst sipping on a fragrant cup of tea. A complex yet well balanced whisky giving you a fun rage of flavours to search for.

Colour – Fossil Amber

Nose – Raspberry lollies, berry mix, honey on toast, freshly ground cinnamon, vanilla bean, maple, buttered pastry, chewy caramel

Palate – Green apple, chamomile tea, ginger snap biscuits, demerara sugar, toffee, banana lollies, cinnamon scroll pastry

Finish – Short to Medium, floral, bees pollen and honey, honey granola and oats, hints of red fruit, more banana lollies!

Pairing Suggestion – Dark chocolate brownie, baked apple pie, truffle infused cheese

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IUCN Red List Classification – Vulnerable (decreasing)