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Small Reserve Release 03 - Bourbon Cask


700ml – ABV 47.2% - Only 38 bottles 

Cask Type: Bourbon

Cask Number: 015, 016

Spirit: Tin Shed Distillery

Tasting Notes:

Sweet and smooth. Everything one would want from a Bourbon Cask whisky. A beautiful marriage of two bourbon barrels provides this whisky with its delectable sweet and silky-smooth character.

Colour – Rich Auburn

Nose – Strawberry fairy floss, Crunchie chocolate bar, caramel fudge, burnt maple, marzipan, lychee, Turkish delight and marshmallows

Palate – Super creamy, rich, praline, salted caramel ice-cream, nut brown butter, brandy snaps, trifle dessert

Finish – Medium, rich caramel, red fruits, sugared strawberries, long lasting sugary goodness, lands nicely and sits very well!

Pairing Suggestion – Vanilla fudge, glacé fruit, bread and butter pudding,

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IUCN Red List Classification – Endangered (decreasing)