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Small Reserve Release 02 - Port Cask


700ml – ABV 48.7% - Limited to only 32 bottles 

Cask Type: Port

Cask Number: 005, 006

Tasting Notes:

A vatting of 2 x Port Casks (level 3 char, level 4 char) has provided the Small Reserve Release 02 with a deep and rich amber colour. Spirit from a renown South Australian Distillery, which encompasses a delicate umami character, has been paired remarkably well with the barrels it was matured in. 

Colour - Classic Amber

Nose - Autumn leaves, apricots, tobacco leaf (gentle herbal), rum and raisin ice cream.

Palate - Bold and robust. The company of dried apricots provide you with a furry and gentle mouthfeel.

Finish - Delectably sweet and dry, with a long finish. Crushed stone fruit.

Pairing Suggestion - Smoked or un-smoked shaved ham, chicken liver pate.


Animal Fact - 'Cotton-headed (top) Tamarin'

Cotton-top tamarins are strictly arboreal animals. They are in safety only when in trees, because of numerous terrestrial predators of their range. Hence, these animals don't descend to drink water, instead getting all required moisture from their food (e.g. fruits, leaves etc.) as well as raindrops and dew. When communicating each other, they use as many as 38 various vocalizations, displaying joy, curiosity, fear, alarm and playfulness.

IUCN Red List Classification – Critically Endangered (population decreasing)