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Small Reserve Release 01 - Port Cask


700ml – ABV 46.2% - Limited to only 25 bottles 

Cask Type: Port

Cask Number: 001

Tasting Notes:

A rare maturation within a barrel containing predominately ex Port Cask staves, and a few staves from an ex Sherry cask were added to complete a single cask masterpiece. The maturation is dominated by the Port cask staves, of which the amalgamation of the two provide this stunning whisky its sweet and spicy character. Some would say it is a 'wealthy whisky and rich beyond dreams'. 

Colour - Deep Copper Gold

Nose - Demerara sugar, dark chocolate, glace oranges, orange blossom. A dram with perfect integration and promises a lot with a pleasing level of sophistication. 

Palate - Sweet and well balanced. Chocolate orange, gentle spice that lifts the middle palate. Rich chocolate orange coats the mouth well leaving a sublime velvet mouthfeel.

Finish - Mouthfeel of sugar syrup with an intense middle palate finish and subtle oak. Long and lingering finish leaving the beautiful flavours of Dark Chocolate oranges.

Pairing Suggestion: Dark chocolate coated oranges, Dark chocolate peppermint. 


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