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Second Release - Sherry Cask


700ml – ABV 50.45% - Only 123 bottles 

Cask Type: Sherry

Cask Number: 028 

Spirit: Fleurieu Distillery

Tasting Notes:

A very special Golotta Bottling Co bottling of barrel ‘Linda’, from the award winning Fleurieu Distillery. The ABV selected and worked on by Peter himself, provides this whisky its outstanding balance of creamy chocolate, hazelnut, fruit and spice notes, accompanied with a welcomed warmth.

Colour – Light Copper

Nose – Buttermilk, custard apple, crème brûlée, Fruchoc’s, honey, milk chocolate, light stone fruit, malt cereal, raspberry jamb, dry coconut flakes

Palate – Saltanas, jammy, brown sugar, chocolate coffee custard, dried fruit spice, candied orange peel

Finish – Medium-long, gingerbread, pepper pillow cloudy soft, quince paste, almonds, luscious and lingering

Pairing Suggestion – Chocolate coffee ice-cream, burrata, chicken pâté, aged cheddar


Animal Fact - Pileated Gibbon

Pileated gibbons live in pairs or family groups comprised of an adult male and female and their offspring. Their relationships are monogamous, with life-long partnerships. They are small apes and, like all apes, they do not have a tail. This is an easy way to tell the difference between apes and monkeys. Pileated gibbons are sexually dimorphic (males and females are different). Males are black with white hands, feet and face crest. Being mainly arboreal, pileated gibbons are masters of brachiation, swinging from branch to branch with their exceptionally long forearms, and can bridge gaps between trees that are as wide as 30 to 50 ft (9 to 15 m) and reach speeds of up to 35 mph (56 km/h). Threatened by hunting, and habitat fragmentation and loss.

IUCN Red List Classification – Endangered (decreasing)