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Anthropocene Fourth Release (Sherry Cask)


Fourth Release

700ml – ABV 49.5% - Only 143 bottles 

Cask Type: Sherry (non-peated)

Cask Number: 029

Spirit: Tria Prima Distillery

Tasting Notes:

Sherry cask whiskies bring a warmth and delectable style of spirit that all whisky drinkers, regardless of knowledge in whisky, will appreciate greatly. Our Fourth Release has been specially selected as ready for bottling after aging 3+ years in Oloroso Sherry casks, and provides a mouth feel full of raspberry jam and berry compote.

Colour –Burgundy

Nose – Berry jam, rose water, toffee, sherry, sandalwood

Palate – Syrup, Anzac biscuits, almond meal

Finish –Medium - Long, toffee, sour cherries, warming  

Pairing Suggestion – Brandy snap ice cream boat with strawberries

Animal Fact – Proboscis Monkey (Nasalis larvatus)

IUCN Red List Classification – Endangered (decreasing)

The Proboscis monkey is known as monyet belanda in Malaysia or bekantan in Indonesia. Proboscis monkeys grow a pot belly due to their diet of low-quality leaves. In order to get enough energy, they have to eat large amounts of these leaves, which enlarge their stomachs. The massive noses of male individuals help them produce loud bellowing sounds, which serve as alarm signals as well as help to attract females. Due to the large size and almost entirely tree-dwelling lifestyle of the Proboscis Monkey, they have very few actual predators in their natural environment, with the exception of Clouded Leopards that hunt the Proboscis Monkey when it is forced to be on the ground. They are also preyed upon by Crocodiles whilst in the water, but Humans are the biggest threat to this unique animal.