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First Release - Port/Bourbon Cask


700ml – ABV 54.4% - Limited to only 99 bottles
1 Bottle purchase per person

Cask Type: Port / Bourbon

Cask Number: MB01 (008, 009, 010, 018)

Tasting Notes:

A beautiful marriage of vatted Port and Bourbon barrels provides this whisky with its delectable rich and sweet character.

Nose - Nectar honey, rich raisins, subtle oak, orange marmalade, vanilla, caramel, coffee grounds.

Palate - Rich, sweet, vanilla laced fruit cake, burnt caramel, dark chocolate, jammy figs, burnt butter caramel.

Finish - Medium long, Desert island dram, Sunday night den whisky, a mature dram.

Food pairing - Vanilla ice-cream, Haigh's Milk Caramel Chocs, caramel fudge

Animal Fact - Sumatran Tiger

There are approximately 300 Sumatran tigers (Panthera tigris sumatrae) existing in the wild. Smallest of all the tigers, its stripes are narrower than in other tiger subspecies and it has a more bearded and maned appearance. They will come out to hunt at dusk and they can sometimes travel more than 32 kilometres (20 miles) in a night. Sumatran tigers can run at up to 64.3km/h (40mph), and the only predator of the Sumatran tiger is humans.

IUCN Red List Classification – Critically Endangered